One night in Bristol I let my pent up anger out on my iPlanned Obsolete iPhone

Howdy folks, I’m sorry for the radio silence and I hope you are doing well, wherever you are in the world. Unfortunately my travels had come to an end due to the sudden onset of alopecia areata which is turning into alopecia totalis, an autoimmune condition which has resulted in my losing almost all of my hair on my head and body. Don’t worry, I’ve bought a motorbike jacket to match!

I have returned home to Melbourne to try to sort out my health through either a conventional approach or a functional medicine approach (I have more faith in the latter). It’s taken me some time to settle back into life here but I’m pretty much there so will be posting far more regularly in the coming months so don’t give up on me yet.

In the meantime, while going through my travel snaps from the past year abroad I came across these audio files from a fateful night in a hostile AirBnB in Bristol, in the midst of heartbreak, fear for my mother’s life and general apathy for change I let all my anger out in this series of rants. I was in a pretty disturbed state and don’t get angry much so this was a rare but powerful state of mind for me. I hope one day I can channel it for good aka Henry Rollins.

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