Here is a little poem I wrote a few months ago which I didn’t think much of until I shared it with a few friends who really enjoyed it. I’ve been reading Charles Eisenstein’s ground-breaking book Climate: A New Story which this poem perfectly aligns with (check out this talk for a summary of the key ideas). I hope you enjoy my first poem, it’s called Pachamama.

The earth is a living thing 

And we are it’s organs 

We are all but one being 

Separation is the ultimate diversion 

From the reality that cannot be seen

It can only be felt by immersion

The rainforests are our lungs 

The rivers our arteries 

The air and water is our blood 

We poison to our collective misery 

Nothing in this world can forever grow

Everything exists in cycles

Including our economic show

Hence our shared debacles

Our task is to learn from nature

And spread her ancient wisdom

Build a mutually thriving future

Rejoin the animal kingdom 

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